SoTU-SoTU production premises are located in the territory of Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, in the center of communication and technology transfer (business incubator). We are very close to the scientists and in cooperation with them, we produce functional foods such as various berries, vegetables, herbs, seeds powder, and etc. The powder is made from berries, vegetables, herbs dried at low temperature, thus maximizing the preservation of nutrients. The powder is a great source of energy and a part of a balanced diet.

Sotu Sotu mission is to continually provide the highest quality, natural products and inspire others to live a healthy and better life.

It all starts with picking the ripest fruit and digging up the freshest veggies.

  By developing trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with growers we only use good quality produce.

 Sotu Sotu products are naturally rich of the vitamins and minerals.

Fruit and vegetables that are dried and stored carefully retain most of their nutritional value. As moisture levels decrease during the drying process, fruit sugar (fructose), vitamins and mineral trace elements like phosphor, copper, potassium and iron become more concentrated.

 The fresh, flavorful taste of our dried fruits is produced with patented drying, freezing and processing technologies.

 Our production are nutritious and perfect for all ages.